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Journal of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Case Reports

Journal of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Case Reports publishes Case Reports in Diabetic Foot, Case Reports in Diabetic Ankle, Case Reports of Diabetic Foot and Ankle, Case Series of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Surgery, Clinical Images of Diabetic Foot and Ankle etc. Diabetic Foot and Ankle: Foot infections are the most common problem in diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are predisposed to foot infections, due to their compromised vascular supply to diabetes. Certain conditions like local trauma or pressure, along with the presence of micro vascular disease, results in various diabetic foot infections from simple superficial cellulitis to chronic osteomyelitis.

Journal of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Case Reports is an open access, peer reviewed journal, International Journal bringing high quality clinical information for foot and ankle Care. The aim of Diabetic Foot and Ankle is therefore to disseminate freely accessible research results on the latest advances in all aspects pertinent to diabetic foot and ankle pathology and its related areas of prevention, clinical care, pathophysiology, epidemiology, and surgical and cardiovascular management. The journal is essential to all educators, researchers, clinicians, and other health care professionals engaged in patients with diabetes mellitus. The journal is open for possible publication of Original articles, Review articles, Research articles, Case Series, Case reports and Clinical images covering the aspects related to foot and ankle. The journal includes a variety of topics that fall but not limit to the areas of Achilles Tendinitis, Adult Acquired Flatfoot, Ankle Fracture, Arthritis Of The Foot and Ankle, Bone Health in Foot, Bunions, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Claw Toe, Clubfoot, Corns, Diabetic Foot, etc.

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Journal of Diabetic Foot and Ankle Case Reports