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Journal of Foot and Ankle Trauma

Journal of Foot and Ankle Trauma publishes Case Reports in Foot Trauma Surgery, Case Reports of Ankle Trauma Injury, Treatment of Foot and Ankle Injury, Clinical Image of Foot and Ankle Traumatic Injuries, Case Reports of Traumatic Injuries etc. Foot and Ankle Trauma: Traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle negatively impact patient quality of life, cause significant financial burden to the patient and insurer alike, and require a methodologically sound approach to achieve the best outcomes possible. Although commonalities exist between injuries, most traumatic insults to the foot and ankle involve patient-specific unique factors that impact final outcome. The goal is to help foot and ankle surgeons improve the care of patients suffering from traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle.

Journal of Foot and Ankle Trauma is the leading source for Original, Clinically-focused articles on the surgical and medical management of the foot and ankle. The journal is a clinical research journal that will consider articles in the broad spectrum of diagnosis and treatment system associated with Sports Medicine, Adult Reconstruction of the Forefoot, Foot and ankle injury, Conservative treatment, Surgical treatment, Novel ideas and techniques, Fracture in foot and ankle, Diabetic foot, Foot pathologies, Anatomy, Epidemiology, Prevention, etc. The journal is open for possible publication of Original articles, Review articles, Research articles, Case Series, Case reports and Clinical images covering the aspects related to foot and ankle Trauma.

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Journal of Foot and Ankle Trauma