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Video Journal of Orthopaedics: Orthopaedic Surgery Journal

Video Journal of Orthopaedics: Orthopaedic Surgery Journal publishes Video Case Reports in Orthopaedic Surgery, Clinical Video in Orthopaedic Surgery, Journal of Video Orthopaedic Surgery, Videos Surgical Case Reports, Orthopaedics Video Journal etc. Video Journal in Orthopaedic Surgery publishing educational videos pertinent to the clinical practice of orthopaedic surgery. The journal discover ways to use new technology, new techniques and expand your field of knowledge. The Video lets you experience the latest techniques first hand through high-quality, professionally edited digital video. Original peer-reviewed videos examine established surgical techniques, as well as introduce new techniques and technologies important to the orthopaedic surgeon.

Video Journal of Orthopaedics: Orthopaedic Surgery Journal is an open access video journal, Official peer-reviewed publication for Publishing on topics of interest to orthopaedic surgeons specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopy, sports physicians, athletic trainers, and physiotherapists, the journal publishes multimedia video-based articles with complementary written material. Topics of interest include the full spectrum of athlete care, from presurgical to rehabilitation and injury prevention. Topics include: Demonstrations of original or established surgical techniques, Rehabilitation techniques: New or established, Physical examination techniques: New or established, Other treatment procedures (e.g., On-field management; reduction or manipulation techniques).

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Video Journal of Orthopaedics: Orthopaedic Surgery Journal