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Journal of Intelligent Frozen Shoulder Case Reports

Journal of Intelligent Frozen Shoulder Case Reports publishes Case Reports in Frozen Shoulder, Clinical Images of Frozen Shoulder Surgery, Case Reports in Frozen Shoulder Rehabilitation, Case Series of Frozen Shoulder Rehabilitation, Case Reports in Artificial Shoulder, Case Reports in Adhesive Capsulitis etc. Intelligent Frozen Shoulder is also called adhesive capsulitis, involves stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin slowly, then get worse. Over time, symptoms get better, usually within 1 to 3 years. Having to keep a shoulder still for a long period increases the risk of developing frozen shoulder. This might happen after having surgery or breaking an arm.

Journal of Intelligent Frozen Shoulder Case Reports is a peer-reviewed, open access, International Medical journal that provides knowledge in the field of Shoulder Injury, Intelligent Frozen Shoulder and Disorders. In view of the changing market and procedures, this journal is a source of reference and research for the development of these new technologies and practices. With the changes in healthcare and the move towards value-based medicine, there is also a need for more outcome studies focused on upper extremity arthroplasty. These studies will be required to ensure reimbursement for arthroplasty procedures and care. Topics covered include fractures, Intelligent frozen shoulder rehabilitation, Adhesive capsulitis, Passive motion range, active motion range, Shoulder exercises, Joint Mobilization, Joint capsules, Patient rehabilitation, Interactive treatments, real-time sensing, Patient physical condition, Standard randomized clinical trial criterion, Shoulder joint mobility, Shoulder Muscle strength, etc. The journal publishes educational Case reports as well as Review articles, Case Series, Clinical Images, Video Surgery Case Reports and meta-analyses will be welcomed.

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Journal of Intelligent Frozen Shoulder Case Reports