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Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Case Reports

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Case Reports publishes clinical image articles and case study in diagnosis and management of shoulder and elbow disorders. Shoulder and Elbow Surgery: Elbow is a hinge joint connecting the forearm to the upper part of the arm. A hinge joint allows for flexibility in the lower part of the arm. The shoulder and elbow are held together with ligaments, tendons and various soft tissues. Highly specialized surgical expertise in all shoulder and elbow conditions. Shoulder surgery: Shoulder replacement, Rotator cuff tears, Instability and sports injuries, Fractures and other injuries, Joint preservation for arthritis, Scapular disorders. Elbow surgery: Elbow replacement, Elbow arthroscopy, Sports injuries, Fractures and other injuries.

Elbow Surgery Journal publishes peer-reviewed original case reports and images related to shoulder and elbow surgery and rehabilitation that strive to: Foster and advance the science and practice of shoulder and elbow disorders, Standardize assessment, scoring of disability and nomenclature relevant to the shoulder and elbow, Improve quality of care by encouraging the collection of scientific data and functional outcomes, Promote and stimulate research and encourage international research collaboration, Cultivate international relationships in the field of shoulder and elbow care.

The Journal welcomes articles related to all aspects of shoulder and elbow surgery and rehabilitation including: Shoulder and elbow arthritis, Impingement and rotator cuff disease, Shoulder and elbow dislocation and instability, Frozen shoulder, Fractures of the shoulder and elbow, Acromioclavicular dislocation and arthritis, Tennis and golfers elbow, Arthroscopic surgery, Joint replacement surgery, Basic science and research. The journal publishes educational Case reports as well as Review articles, Case Series, Clinical Images, Video Surgery Case Reports and meta-analyses will be welcomed.

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Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Case Reports