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Case Reports in Ankle Sprain Journal publishes journal of Ankle Sprain case reports, surgery in Ankle Sprain case reports, research in Ankle Sprain journal, image journal of Ankle Sprain journal, surgical journal in Ankle Sprain case reports etc. ankle sprains (LAS) are among the most common injuries suffered during athletic/recreational activities and the sequela often plague patients for the remainder of their lives. Specifically, more than 23,000 ankle sprains are estimated to occur per day in the United States which equates to approximately one sprain per 10,000 people daily. Despite the frequency of LAS, the injury is often erroneously considered to be an inconsequential injury. As a result of the societal insignificance assigned to LAS, about 55% of individuals who sprain their ankle do not seek treatment from a health care professional, thus, the true incidence of injury may be much greater. Even more concerning is the high proportion (as much as 70%) of patients that will suffer from repetitive LAS, and chronic symptoms after the initial injury. The development of these residual symptoms has been termed chronic ankle instability (CAI). Not only does CAI limit physical activity, but CAI also leads to articular degeneration of the talus, and an increased risk of osteoarthritis (OA).

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