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Case Reports in Foot and Ankle Journal publishes journal of Foot and Ankle case reports, images in Foot and Ankle journal, imaging in Foot and Ankle journal, surgery in Foot and Ankle journal, research in Foot and Ankle journal etc. The foot and ankle forms a part of the lower limbs in vertebrates which help in their locomotion. The foot part bears the entire weight of the body. Ankle, which is termed as talocrural joint is the part where the foot and leg meets. The foot forms the major part as all the muscles from the lower limb is attached to foot. In nature, the human foot is designed with two longitudinal arched, which is supported by a transverse arch that forms the shape of the bone and the ligaments. The various forces on these arches enables us in walking and running and other activities in more economical ways with respect to the energy spent. Foot, as it performs various activities and due to its functions it is prone to various kinds of infections and injuries like athletes foot and other various fungal and bacterial infections. This region is also prone to fractures easily.

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