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Case Reports in Muscular Dystrophy Journal publishes journal of Muscular Dystrophy case reports, images in Muscular Dystrophy journal, surgery in Muscular Dystrophy journal, research in Muscular Dystrophy journal, imaging journal in Muscular Dystrophy case reports etc. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is one of the most common inherited disorders worldwide. It is a disorder that affects boys almost exclusively. Parents may first see that their three-to-five year old child has frequent falls, runs slowly, has a toe walking or waddling gait. The child's calves are often unusually large. Weakness is initially most pronounced in the hips and upper leg muscles, but will include most voluntary muscles over time, including those responsible for respiration. The heart similarly becomes weak over time. Weakness of the heart and respiratory muscles make this a fatal disorder that requires careful medical management.

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