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Case Reports in Orthodontics Journal publishes surgery in Orthodontics journal, surgery journal in Orthodontics, journal of Orthodontics case reports, images in Orthodontics journal, imaging journal in Orthodontics, videos in Orthodontics journal etc. Orthodontic therapy is acknowledged to last as lengthy as 18 or 24 months in average, which is one of the reasons grownup patients and their dental caregivers regularly searching for different options to resolve troubles associated with malocclusions. Skeletal mandibular prognathism is one of the uncommon malocclusions where the solely cure alternative is orthognathic surgery. The favourable treatment outcome of the case described in this article shows that limited orthodontics can accomplish a great improvement in the treatment of adults. The most difficult part for the patient was to live with the bite raisers that prevented the posterior teeth from occluding, so chewing ability was limited for the greater part of the treatment duration.

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