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Journal of Ankle Arthroscopy Case Reports

Journal of Ankle Arthroscopy Case Reports publishes case reports in Ankle Arthroscopy journal, research in Ankle Arthroscopy journal, surgery in Ankle Arthroscopy journal, imaging journal in Ankle Arthroscopy etc. Ankle arthroscopy is a keyhole operation to acquire access to the inner of your ankle joint and to treat the abnormality or damage that is causing your symptoms. The method is usually achieved through two or three small incisions (5-10mm) in the front of your ankle. This is additionally recognized as ‘anterior ankle arthroscopy’. Less frequently you might also need access to the returned of your ankle and therefore the arthroscopy may also want to be carried out through the again of the ankle where 2 small incisions have positioned either facet of your Achilles tendon, this is regarded as a ‘posterior ankle arthroscopy’.

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