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Journal of Defence Wounds Case Reports

Journal of Defence Wounds Case Reports publishes case reports in Defence Wounds journal, surgery in Defence Wounds journal, images in Defence Wounds journal, journal in Defence Wounds surgery etc. A defense or self-defense injury is the aggressor against an attacker who is injured by an injury. Defensive injuries are often found in the hands and forearms of the aggressor who is lying down and kicking. The appearance and nature of the wound varies according to the type of weapon used and the location of the wound, and can be used in the form of laceration, abrasion, contusion or bone fracture.  When a victim has time to raise their hands or arms before being shot by an attacker, the injury can also present itself as a gunshot wound.  An attack during a weapon, such as the blade of a victim's grasping, may result from the fingers of the hand or partial amputation of the palm surface. In forensic medicine, the presence of defense wounds is the most indicative of homicide and also proves that the victim was, at least initially, conscious and capable of offering some form of attack.  Defense wounds can be classified as active or passive. A knife attack of a victim, for example, would receive active defense wounds by gripping the knife blade, and passive defense wounds on the back of the hand if raised.

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