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Journal of Facial Paralysis Case Reports

Journal of Facial Paralysis Case Reports publishes case reports in Facial Paralysis journal, surgery in Facial Paralysis journal, images in Facial Paralysis journal, imaging in Facial Paralysis journal, research in Facial Paralysis journal etc. Congenital facial paralysis is present right from the time of birth and its frequency is about two out of every 1000 newborns. About 8-14% of all pediatric cases of facial paralysis fall under the category of congenital type. The most common unilateral syndromic condition associated with facial paralysis is Hemifacial microsomia. Common problems faced by the newborns suffering from congenital facial paralysis are difficulty with nursing and incomplete eye closure. This condition needs to be addressed at an early stage of life, which in turn might affect their self esteem. The symptoms of congenital facial paralysis in children tend be to more conspicuous with increasing age. A traumatic injury or developmental deformities of the brain can affect the functioning of the cranial nerves VI and VII leading to congenital facial paralysis. These nerves control movement of the eyes and various facial expressions.

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