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Journal of Osteochondral Fracture Case Reports

Journal of Osteochondral Fracture Case Reports publishes case reports in Osteochondral Fracture journal, images in Osteochondral Fracture journal, surgery in Osteochondral Fracture journal, imaging in Osteochondral Fracture journal etc. An osteochondral fracture (OCF) occurs when a piece of the smooth surface on the end of the bone fractures. This takes place in a joint when the articulating cartilage (chondro) and part of the underlying bone (osteo) breaks off of the bone itself and become a fragment. If the fragment stays in place it is considered stable, but if it breaks loose then it is labeled as unstable. Unstable fractures can move around in the joint and cause pain as well as other symptoms. These fragments, or loose bodies, can vary in size. Typically as the size of the fragment increases the more symptomatic a person will become. This injury most commonly occurs in young adults or adolescents due to the bone being softer and more likely to fracture in this way. An osteochondral fracture can theoretically take place in any joint, but typically the elbow, knee, or ankle are the joints where this injury occurs most often.

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