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Journal of Pain Mechanism Case Reports

Journal of Pain Mechanism Case Reports publishes case reports in Pain Mechanism journal, surgery in Pain Mechanism journal, case reports journal in Pain Mechanism, video journal in Pain Mechanism research etc. Chronic pain ensuing from nerve injury, tissue inflammation, and growth invasion or treatment, could be a major ill health impacting the standard of life and manufacturing a major economic and social burden. However, the present analgesic medication together with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug medication and opioids area unit inadequate to alleviate chronic pain because of the dearth of effectualness or severe side-effects. Chemokines area unit a family of tiny secreted proteins that bind to G protein-coupled receptors to trigger intracellular  sign pathways and direct cell migration, proliferation, survival, and inflammation underneath physiological state and pathological conditions. Accumulating proof supports the vital role of chemokines and chemokine receptors within the peripheral and central systema nervosum in mediating chronic pain via enhancing neuroinflammation.

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